Thursday, December 16, 2010

After about 4 weeks sequestered in my basement working on homework I have emerged.  Unlike a caterpillar however, I'm not a beautiful butterfly.   It's hard to fit everything in, I finally had to have a "come to Jesus" meeting with myself and I realized that blogging and weight loss will wait, while school will not.  In the midst of reading, cramming, re-reading, and other studying stuff I was not very good at sticking to any sort of eating plan.  Exercise went out the window for a while too.... When I finally did make it to a Weight Watchers meeting I had gained 2.4 lbs, my biggest gain in my WW history.  It was depressing, but motivating as well.

I got quite the surprise with the new PointsPlus program when I finally made it back to a meeting.  I'm having a hard time adjusting.  I was a pro and the old points program, I could almost always get the Points Value right if I knew the calories, fat and fiber.  I had a lot of food's values memorized too.

While I'm annoyed that I now have to calculate everything I eat again, it may just be the boost I need.  I feel like I'm a new member again. I'm more excited about writing things down! I even took a sharpie to some of the food containers in my house - I've always thought it was a good idea but had most of the points values memorized.  The number one thing I LOVE about the new plan is the 0 PointsPlus fruits and vegetables!! I always thought it wasn't right that I would pass on bananas because I didn't want to use the points.  Overall I'm excited about this new plan.  I really like the fact that Weight Watcher's cares about it's members health as well as their success - one more reason it works for me!



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  2. You can doooooooooo it! Go Megan Go!

  3. Glad to hear you are doing well! I'm struggling with the new WW plan but I'm not giving up on it yet!

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  10. You can get back on track ! 2.4 lbs, that's a small number so once you do what you're supposed to be doing, they'll disappear in no time :)

    Good luck.


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