Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Serious Milestones

My dear sweet little Andie hit two major milestones all in one day!

Today was her first taste of rice cereal!  She did so wonderful!  First she looked so CUTE sitting up in the high chair! (With the help of the 3-point buckle)  She looked so incredibly tiny in that gargantuan seat! Second, the first bite was so funny.  She opened her sweet little mouth when I put the spoon up to it and just held it open, so I put the food on her tongue and of course she began to move it around in her mouth and inevitably it all came running out!  By the end of the feeding she was getting pretty good at the idea of closing her mouth on the spoon and doing a very good job of keeping most of the cereal in her mouth!  She would get so excited when she could see the spoon coming toward her mouth, her chubby little legs would start pumping and her arms flailing all over the place.  The are the moments I live for!

My favorite thing about being a mom, next to the unconditional love of a child is hearing their first giggle.  There is something about this that can bring tears to my eyes.  The innocence and excitement in a baby's first laugh is magical, and today I heard my Andie's first real giggle. She was probably sick of seeing my goo goo-gah gah face by mid afternoon. Once I heard that sweet little noise I was pestering her all day to do it again! With some seriously goofy faces and noises I managed to get a few more out of her. I just love it so much! There is a build up that adds to the excitement, the soft coo's as she gets closer and closer to the real thing. I get butterflies just thinking about it!

So there you have it, my sweet little baby is 13 weeks old today (Tuesday) and it's showing.  If only we could slow down time for the precious moments in life.


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