Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year, New Me!

Sounds typical right?

I cancelled my Weight Watcher's membership.  Yup.  Cancelled.  How's that for typical New Year's Resolution?

I was a little bit freaked out to hit that "submit" button, but I did it.  The new plan was not working for me, I just couldn't get motivated the way I was the first time I joined.  I'd been considering it for some time and with the turning of the new year it was time for some change.

I downloaded an app on my iphone a week ago that I am absolutely loving! I put in my current weight and my goal weight and the date I want to be at my goal weight and it calculated exactly how many calories I should be eating a day.  I can also track my exercise and my weight on the app.  Even though its a little more work than WW was for me, it's new and it's working. I've been successful in tracking every bite since Sunday and stayed with in my daily calorie limit except for one day. If I keep this up I should be at my goal weight by Halloween 2011. :)  

Hey! Mommies and Daddies out there! I need your help!

Since the turn of the new year and my returned determination and motivation my 3 year old daughter has become very interested in "exercise" and "being healthy" because that's what mommy is doing.  So, I've been wondering, am I doing her a disservice in the long run teaching her about exercise and eating healthy this young?  Is it something I should just be modeling? And if so, what age is appropriate to teach children about this?  

I would appreciate your opinions and experiences you may have with this issue and your kids.  I would like to raise my children to be fit and happy adults, I don't want them to have to suffer being overweight like I have.  

Thanks for reading! I've reached over100 followers and I hope that all of you find something useful and inspiring here!  



  1. Good luck with your new plan! I have been struggling w/ the new plan too- but I'm hoping it will turn around this week.

  2. Your blog is so darling! I'm so glad I just came across it!! Good luck with the new year. I'll be following :)
    p.s. I'm always happy when I find other Megan's in this world...there are a LOT of us! ;)

  3. Megan

    It is fun when the little ones get involved! My 6 year old has started working out with me on my nights and weekends. Honestly I think the younger the better that they learn healthy eating. I am doing the same thing as you blogging my weight loss journey. If you get a chance I would love your opinion/advice I just started on the 1st.

  4. Hi, new follower, great blog!
    my son is only 1.5 and I tell him how his veggies are so good for him to grow up healthy and strong. I tell him the same thing when we walk the dogs.
    im glad you found an app you like! Watch out, sounds like a sassy halloween costume is a goal ;)

  5. New follower! Love this blog.
    I agree with ShabbyChicMom! :D

  6. I'm cancelling mine, too! Motivation is an issue, and it's been challenging with the new plan. What's the name of the app??

  7. I think it is perfectly fine to teach her about being healthy and being physically active! I would not however talk about it alot and make it so important that she worries about everything she eats or she gets to crazy about it! U wouldnt want her to feel that she is not ok without being thin and in shape! I know that is not at all what u will do I am just saying if she as a kid starts worrying about what she is eating or if she maybe starts asking u what she weighs as she gets older I would definately talk to her about it right away so it does not create an eating disorder or something!

  8. Megan

    Just swinging back to see how the journey is going this year! Looking forward to your next update!


  9. Hi I am a new follower! Loving your blog!!
    I too would love to know the name of the app you use. I also use Great way to log your food and your workouts!!
    I dont think its ever too early to teach our kiddos to eat right and to exercise. I think setting the example is the best start. Thankfully I had boys who have always been into sports and never followed my horrible eating habits.
    PLease stop by my blog if you have time. Good luck with your goals!!

  10. I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!