Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thanks for stickin' with me

It's been over six months since my last post and I was shocked to find that I haven't lost even one follower! Thank you all for sticking with me! Needless to say some pretty life changing events have happened in my life but it's finally time to jump back into losing this baby weight and beyond!

Luckily I was able to maintain my weight between the months of non stop school, single motherhood and no sleep!  I decided to take the summer semester off school and really focus on weight loss and spend some time with my daughters.  Since school got out at the end of April I've been gung ho about losing weight. My lovely friend Roxie and I have been hiking, biking and Zumba fools! We've even sort of been training to run a 5k! Running does seem to take a back seat to the other fun activities though. 

My newest short term goal is to have lost my baby weight (30 more lbs) by September 23, 2011.  That is the night Blue October will be playing in Salt Lake City and you can bet I won't miss it! It's a bit of a lofty goal but I'm going to go for it!

Thanks again to everyone who has continued to follow my blog when there was nothing to follow! I'm so excited to be back and be in such a better place than I was before.



  1. I am glad you are on your path! I hope you get to your goal soon! I am happy that I have had the chance to get to know you through our little adventures!

  2. I am so glad to see that you are back! I really hope you can achieve your goal!! Good luck girl! You are such a strong spirit!

  3. You got your mind made up to do it, therefore you'll be able to get it done!! GO MEGAN!!!!~

  4. My mom has been where you are, so I know it's possible. You can do this :)

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