Thursday, August 26, 2010

My beautiful motivation

My weight loss is about more than being skinny. It's about feeling good. It's about living a long life. It's about self confidence.... but most of all it's about being a good role model to my beautiful girls.

These two little ladies are my reason for waking up each morning (and not just because they're hungry or have to potty). My dad has always told me that a person doesn't know what love is until they have a child and it's true a child captures your heart in a way nothing else can.

I began gaining extra weight when I was about 10 years old. Fortunately, I was never the target of any harsh bullying in school but I did suffer with incredibly low self esteem and low self confidence, some of which has carried into adulthood. I hate that our society has made being overweight such a shameful thing and it is one of my biggest fears for my girls. I want them to have the best life experience possible and being a good role model by living a healthy lifestyle is the best way I can think to keep them from having the same experience I did as an overweight kid. In a research paper I did last semester in my English 2010 class about childhood obesity I learned that children tend to follow the body shape of their same sex parent (I can get you the article where I learned this if you're interested). Assuming this is true, the best thing I can do is get into shape and live a healthy lifestyle for my babies! :)

I've been diligently tracking my weight watcher points using my ww app on my ipod touch. I LOVE it! My new stroller came yesterday and I plan on getting some much needed exercise in!


  1. i would love to read it!! Im so proud of you girl! I too believe you really dont know what love is till you have a a child of your own. Lets workout together soon!

  2. Great pictures, Megan. They're beautiful girls! Good job, good job. :) And good for you for getting in shape--you look amazing. I always thought you were beautiful. :)