Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Favorite Low Point Foods

I love low point foods, but really who doesn't? It's a win, win. One of my most favorite low point snacks is 94% fat free popcorn. 5 cups for 1 point!! I love the minibags, 1 minute in the microwave and the whole bag is just about 5 cups.
Next on my list is butternut squash soup! At our house we LOVE Pacific Foods Butternut Squash soup, even my 3 year old will gobble up a whole bowl. 1 cup of this yummy yellow soup only 2 weight watcher points. Pair this with any good whole grain slice of toast (I've found some for 1 point a slice) and you've got a delicious hot lunch for 3-4 points (depending on your toast of choice).
Oh My Go
odness, number 3 is so fantastic my mouth is watering.
Red Mango Frozen Yogurt, my current CRAVING! A small size (any flavor) of this heavenly treat is only 2 points! My favorite flavor-of all time-forever and ever-until death do us part- is key lime! If you haven't tried this you need to leave your house right now and get one. Bye.

Breakfast time.... Quaker Low Sugar oatm
eal!(I go for the variety pack with cinnamon, maple and apple) 1 packet is only 2 points and makes a pretty decent sized bowl of oatmeal. Pair this with and Activia lite yogurt (1 point for 4 oz size) and breakfast is served for 3 points!

Last but not least is lite string cheese. I love cheese and it's one of the hardest things to cut back on for me.
But anyone who has looked at the nutrition facts of cheese knows that now matter if your counting points or calories, it's just not pretty. These little lite string cheese babies are only 1 point and satisfy the cheesehead in me. Yum!

Leave me comments with your best low point foods!


  1. Hi Megan! Welcome to the Bloggy Moms Club. Love your blog.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi again! I'm following your lovely blog.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Hi Megan - just popping over from Bloggy Moms. I have a bit more weight to lose than you and my boy will be 4 in Jan! I'm looking forward to following you and reading any tips/reviews. Our products will be different to yours seeing as I'm in New Zealand but I love Tegal Chicken Bacon which is 1 Weight Watchers point for 3 slices! yum

  4. AMEN! Red Mango is my FAVORITE!!! :) Heaven in a cup!