Monday, September 13, 2010

Favorite Fall Memories

There is something about Fall that makes my heart jump for joy! I love the feeling of the first time you step outside and realize... Fall is right around the corner. The air is crisp and cool and has a distinct smell that I can't quite put into words. The sun seems to create a warm cast on everything and there is an eerie quietness all around, even if you are in the middle of traffic, or at a park, fall is quiet. Or perhaps it only seems this way because of the leaves rustling as the wind blows? Fall has always been a time of contemplation for me. As the world around me changes I feel it necessary to do the same.

I always associate the beginning of Fall with going back to school. A new year, a new you, time for rebirth, reinvention and creation. The beginning of the school year always filled my head with ambition to go above and beyond, do the best and be the best. But slowly as time went on schoolwork (sadly now) took a back seat to social time just in time for Halloween.

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! It has the best traditions, best colors, best food and treats... it is the best! Who doesn't love to dress up, eat good food and get spooked? One of my absolute favorite memories of Fall time and Halloween is when I volunteered at a spook alley! Maybe I'm strange but I find that terrified "OMG" look on people's faces after you jump out and give them your best roar, FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! I could seriously watch those youtube vids ALL day. However, being there in person for the shriek is the best!

When I think of Fall inevitably I think of the album In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth:3 by Coheed and Cambria, only the best band on our planet... and any planet for that matter. I still remember the day I bought it, I was out of town in Las Vegas, NV and I bought it at the Virgin Megastore in Ceasar's Palace (and I think it was Oct. 4, 2003, but I could be wrong.) This album and band has changed my life and I will forever think of Fall when I listen to In Keeping Secrets, and I will forever think of this album during Fall time.

One of my earliest Fall memories is one of my Halloween costumes that my mom made when I was 4 or 5 years old. I was a 1920's flapper girl! I LOVED that costume! I can still remember watching my mom sew it at our kitchen table. It was lavender and I loved the way I could shake the fringe! I could even go as far as to say that I loved this costume so much, it inspired me to research fashion in the 1920's as my senior project in highschool. I recreated the costume in pink!

I could go on with memories of Fall forever, but I will stop with just one more, the birth of my amazing Frankie. October 11, 2007 changed Fall time for me in the best way possible, she was born at 11:03 pm by emergency c-section. After 12 long hours of waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen my blood pressure was only rising and my body was showing no signs of it happening on it's own. 3 years later I couldn't be more proud of my little lovely. She's smart and beautiful, kind, generous, polite and makes me smile like no other Fall memory could.

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