Monday, September 6, 2010

Time for a deep breath....

I could swear yesterday was Thursday. It's just been that kind of weekend. Fun, yes, but so busy.

So much to share...


Friday night we had a dinner for Andie's "blessing." We don't belong to any church so we just had a family get together to celebrate our little love girl. My food actually turned out good and on time! I made chicken broccoli pasta with a rosa alfredo sauce and topped it with mozzarella cheese. For dessert I made cupcakes. Peanut butter and jelly and strawberry shortcake flavors. The strawberry shortcake kind is my newest creation. I used a vanilla cupcake, filled it with strawberries that had been soaked in balsamic vinegar and sugar topped with whipped cream and biscotti shavings! YUM! and so NOT diet friendly! But don't worry I planned for it and didn't even go over my daily points!
Saturday we went to Flaming Gorge to stay with my grandparents for a night and try to get away from the normal for a bit. Getting away from the normal included eating my grandma's delicious and oh not so diet friendly food. (hmm... seems like a reoccurring theme in this weekend's adventure).

Every year on Labor Day weekend there is a boat show at the lake where people decorate their boats with lights and have a parade on the water! After the boat show there are fireworks to watch. It was the first time Frankie was really into the fireworks without hesitation about the loud boom! I was so proud of her!
Did I mention I stepped in some damn animal's hole and fell flat on my face? Yes, it happened.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday... This was my favorite day of the weekend. I finally felt like things were slowing down a bit and we weren't running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We drove home on Sunday, but we stopped for a few hours at the mountain man rendezvous in Ft. Bridger, WY. I LOVE this! People dress up in period clothing, sell their hand-made goods and there are demonstrations of the way things were done back in the day. And of course who could forget more unhealthy, greasy food!and Today...

Today I went walking with Roxie and cleaned the house. It felt good to have a little relax time even if it wasn't long. We are finally starting to get a routine around here! I'm getting a good feel for school and Andie is getting better at sleeping at night. :) I love to get away, it always reminds you of how much you love home.

Until next time,


  1. I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend! I did too :) Check my blog out for what we did. Andie is getting so big, and my hell is she cute or what?! And Franks is just beautiful! I love all of your pictures too! Have a great week! Love ya :)

  2. Yay for adding McMamma's button! She followed me on twitter. I feel quite special haha. I adore her! Loving the blog Meg!

  3. hi, i surfed onto your site & am a new follower :)

    i am trying to lose my baby weight too... feel free to check us out at

    good luck!