Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ouch! Not such a good weigh in...

Alright. This is not MY fault, oh no. I'm not taking responsibility for this gain, I'm blaming the holiday weekend and moving on. Watch your back scale, next week you're going down!

I tracked. I exercised 6 days this week. I held back from eating a lot of tasties while visiting my grandparents and for what? A 1.6 pound gain.

That brings my total lost from 3.6 to 2lbs.


Part of me really wants to give up. It's only the second weigh in and already I've had a gain. Am I just not as motivated as I think I am? Then the other half of me gives myself a swift kick in the mental ass and I realize that I don't really want to give up, I just want this to be easy.

But it's not, I know that.

SO. I'm done with the negative self-talk and ready to get pumped. This week I'm amping up my exercise and setting clear goals for myself. Not just for weight loss but in all aspects of my life. I've got to clear my head a little bit if I'm going to make this busy life work.

Tonight at my Weight Watcher's meeting we talked about storyboarding. We picked a goal for ourselves to complete by October 23 and came up with steps to achieve it.

My goal was to reach my 10% weight loss goal, which is 22.8 pounds.

{One} Go to Zumba class once a week. I discovered Zumba just a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant with Andie. I went a few times after I found out but as the morning sickness got worse so did my motivation. I LOVE it and I think this will be a great way to have fun and exercise.

{Two} Measure and weigh all food. I am pretty good at this until dinner time. I'm going to be sure not to get lazy and guestimate.

{Three} Exercise 6 times a week. Walking with Roxie has been great to get this done, I think I might need to incorporate more vigorous activity as well though.

{Four} Establish a routine. At the moment my days are crazy. I feel like I'm running from one thing to the next. I need to establish somewhat of a routine to create balance in my life.

{Five} Clear my head. All the running around is making my head feel like a muddled mess. I've got to prioritize my time and quit feeling guilty when I take a little "me time." Even if it's only 20-30 minutes a day I think a little time to myself could make a big difference in my mental energy level.

{Six} 10,000 steps a day. I have a nice pedometer I plan to start wearing tomorrow. I'd better start walking places!

I feel very confident in my goal, really that's only 20.8 lbs to lose because after this weeks gain I've still lost 2 overall. This will put me so close to breaking the 200 mark and that is such a GREAT feeling.

On a side note, I'm starting a blog challenge tomorrow I heard about from my friend Marci. 365 days of pictures of my babies! It should be so fun to see how much they change and grow from start to finish.

I heart them.

In the end, as depressing as a gain can be, they are my heart and I know they don't want or need me to be down about anything. I'm looking forward to the positive changes I'm making in my life, I know that it can only get better from here.


  1. Sorry about your set back :-/ It is frustrating. You're going to get back on track though and do even better! You inspired me to start using my pedometer tomorrow as well. Here's to a better week! And I am looking forward to seeing your 365 days posts :)

  2. Even though it's frustrating..HANG IN THERE and keep it up. You will get there...keep working hard. :)

  3. Thanks ladies, the encouragement gives me warm fuzzies and makes me want to succeed! :)