Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's about time...

Well, well, well, when life gets busy - life gets BUSY! But here I am now so let's get started.

This week has been crazy! 15 credits at school and a newborn is proving to be a lot more challenging than I thought, but I'll make it through (even if I pull all my hair out by the end of December.)

It's about DAMN time- I had THE BEST weigh in of my life! I lost 5.4 lbs this week! I could barely sit still in my meeting, I wanted to scream, dance, cry... That is the most I've ever lost in a week... ever! It put me right back on track with my goal of 2.5lbs a week. Total lost 7.4lbs! Wow, even just typing it now I kind of want to jump up and down!

One thing that I think impacted my weigh in in a positive way was my attitude. I felt horrible gaining at my second week and the old me would have beat herself up all week long, deprived myself of anything not completely diet in turn just starting the vicious cycle of feeling bad all over again. BUT I didn't. This week I didn't, I ignored the gain went on about my busy busy business. I tracked what I ate religiously, and just made sure to get in my activity daily.

It's about time I found a few new low point favorites from the grocery store. The Western Alternative Bagel, and English muffin are only 1 point each - and taste the same as the regular kind to me! I just tried the Weight Watcher's brand cream cheese for the first time, 1 point for 2 tablespoons - lovin' it. I also found some New Quaker oatmeal - Hazelnut Latte flavored! It's not bad but definitely better with a lil cinnamon or splenda. It smells just like a Hazelnut Latte though, YUM!

It's about time I got back to Zumba! Tonight was FANTASTIC! I haven't been since I was about 4 weeks prego (last December) and I didn't know how much I missed it. It is such a great workout because it's SO fun! The teacher at the particular class I go to has such great energy I don't think I could have a bad time if I tried! I can't wait for next Thursday!

Cheers to another great week! Are you on a weight loss journey too? Please leave some comments, questions... let's talk!

I haven't forgotten about my blog challenge of 365 days of Frankie and Andie, I have been taking the pics I just haven't had time to get them uploaded and posted, but they're coming!!


  1. We both put up an "It's about time" post tonight! YAY! I am so proud of you for doing school, and doing it well. You are amazing :) I admire you SO much, I hope you know this. And with this weight loss... WOW! You're rockin' it! I haven't had any time to do my 365 days posts either. I will get caught up this weekend! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Just found you on Bloggy Moms.... great blog!